YXLON offers a significant advancement of its proven Y.PXV5000 software for automatic cast-parts inspection with the Release 3.8 version.

  • statistics
  • depth measurement
  • oxide detection
  • deployment in third-party plant systems

In the Release 3.8 version, the fully automatic Y.PXV5000 image processing software has been supplemented by adding several filters. The new ADAMO filter enables defect recognition with minimal time and effort: merely the sensitivity has to be set via a regulator. Oxides are detected reliably with the new YAMA filter. In addition, Y.PXV5000 operation has been considerably simplified via a hierarchic “tree” view. Further enhancements include the automatic creation of an inspection-item catalog as a PDF document, casting-flaw simulation and automatic detector adjustment in the event of replacement.
The fully automatic Y.PXV5000 image processing system can be set up as a stand-alone system or completely integrated into your production process. The basic settings are easy to implement and require only a little experience with X-raying. In-depth knowledge of image processing is not a must.


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