• clamping length from 1200 up to 2400 mm
  • loading limit on prisms 250 kg, type with supports 400 kg
  • manual shift of carriage to limiting of clamping length, self-locking lever brake
  • manual clamping by drift of right clamping head
  • movable coil 5 turns, diameters 305 (12“), 406 (16“) or 510 mm (20“), detent in position
  • lever switches for coil/current and (depends on type of generator) switching AC/DC
  • current magnetization max. FWDC 8000 A


  • current generators MAGMAN H or MAGMAN F type
  • stainless tank for 15 l or 40 l of suspension, pump 0,1 kVA, hand hose
  • rollers for manual rotation
  • darkened cabin, axial fan for ventilation, auxiliary lighting
  • UV lamp on movable holder
  • flat coils Æ 400, Æ 500 or Æ 600 mm for discs testing
  • gauges, measurement, powders, oils, concentrates of water magnetic ink
Casp System Dofinansowanie
Introduction of B2B class system that automates business processes taking place between CASP system and its business Partners. The project is co-financed by European Union with funds of European Regional Development Fund.
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