Horizontal magnetic particle benches MINIMAG series are intended for non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic steels and irons by magnetic particle method. The equipment is designed for connection of current generators MAGMAN series for AC, HW and single phase FWDC currents.


  • magnetization by direct flow through part or by auxiliary conductor
  • longitudinally (lengthwise) magnetization by movable coil
  • 4 turns of 95 mm2 cable or 3 turns 150 mm2, diameter 250 mm
  • clamping length from 50 up to 520 mm or (option) 1000 mm, maximum load 50 kg (25 kg on one brace)
  • cuSn wire-netting exchangeable contacts for circulary magnetization
  • manually switching between circulary and coil magnetization by switch-over of connector
  • basic dimensions 1000 x 700 x 550 mm, weight 85 kg or 98 kg for stationary version
  • minimag is available in both stationary and tabletop versions


  • AC, and/or HW + FWDC current generators MAGMAN from 1500peak A up to 4000 Apeak
  • lever-switch for switching between current and coil magnetization
  • UV lamps, UV meters, Luxmeters, Gauss-Tesla meters, gauges, ASTM centrifuge tube
  • SPRINKMAN – the stainless tanks on 15 litres or 40 litres of suspension, hand hose, pump 90 VA, feeding 3+PE 400 V – 50 Hz
  • powders, concentrates and suspensions CHEMETALL / ARDROX / FRAMAGNETO
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