YXLON CT Modular

Y.CT Modular – Discover the difference in flexibility.

Scalable, high-power and high-resolution computed tomography (CT) inspection system for maximum application range.

  • covers the widest inspection range
  • create your custom-designed system with up to two tubes and two types of detectors
  • special features like laminography or helical CT for homogenous images and increased detail visibility

Do you have a very diverse application spectrum? Are you looking for an all-around CT inspection system to do scans on very small, and also large test items? Opt for maximum flexibility and upgradeability with Y.CT Modular. Configure your system with up to two tubes and two types of detectors, according to your exact inspection requirements.

Our double detector, double tube array allows you to test an extraordinary spectrum ranging from measuring small electromechanical components to the analysis of large cast parts, or even big cultural artifacts. Count on the high penetration power of the 600kV X-ray tube and the magnification capabilities of the microfocus X-ray tube.

The solid granite manipulator makes Y.CT Modular very precise, durable, warp-resistant and temperature-independent.

Helical CT omits the need for image stitching and creates more accuracy for tall parts. The new laminography technique precisely displays details which can’t be distinguished in 2D industrial X-ray images, and you can easily X-ray non-rotatable, flat parts.

YXLON’s software tool box automatically reduces ring artifacts in your CT scans at the source. Increase your efficiency by testing a higher combination of parts in one run.

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