Xstress Table for X-ray

Xstress table

Xstress table for X-ray complements the Xstress X-ray diffractometer. Table for X-ray makes precise positioning of the samples possible for e.g. depth profile measurements.

The measuring area is surrounded from all sides by a safety enclosure.

The main doors can be opened and the right side of the safety enclosure can be lifted up for setting up the measurement. The doors are equipped with safety switches.

Table with height adjustment

Safeguarded area for X-ray measurements

  • Sheet metal walls and top (2 mm)
  • Two doors with leaded plexiglass (12 mm)
  • One sliding door
  • Safety interlocks and main switch
  • Warning light tower (high voltage on, measurement on, door is open)
  • Cabinet LED lights
  • Electrical sockets
  • Sample rail and carrier

Shelf for Xstress main unit



  • Depth 1635 mm
  • Width 2250 mm
  • Height 2180 mm
  • Weight ~280 kg

Power demands

  • Voltage 100–240 V AC, 1 phase
  • Frequency 50–60 Hz
  • Power 600 VA
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