Xstress Studio

Xstress Studio 2
Xstress Studio
  • Hardware operation control: detectors, DC motors, power supply, shutter, safety interlock functions, voltage and current, etc.
  • Automated calibration with zero stress powder samples to set diffractometer to sample distance
  • Project manager for depth distribution measurement and all kinds of mapping measurements
  • Library functions for material parameters
  • Theoretical peak position calculator for given material and radiation
  • Modified χ and Ω measurement modes
  • Peak shift determination with the most known methods such as cross-correlation and peak fit methods
  • Peak fit with 10 different functions: Gauss, Lorentz, Modified Lorentz, Intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Split Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Split Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt and Split Voigt
  • Calculation of stress tensor and principal stresses
  • JSON based project file format
  • Conforming to EN 15305:2008
  • Calculation methods
    • Data preparation
    • Peak
    • Peak shift (diffraction line position determination)
    • Normal and shear stress
    • Stress tensor
    • Principal stresses
    • Statistics
    • Depth profile
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