SFB-50 is a modular; PC-based ultrasonic data acquisition and evaluation system, developed for high-volume digital data acquisition, imaging and evaluation of in-service train rail flaws.


  • a towed system by a service car or installed system on Hi-Rail car.
  • fully integrated, PC-based rail testing systems, from single to 16 channels.
  • testing speeds to 30 km/hr (20 m.p.h) at full multi-channel performance, with guaranteed return-to-defect within 20cm (8 Inches).
  • programmable gates per channel provide real-time longitudinal B-scan images.
  • automatic, on-the-fly adjustment to rail height variations.
  • straightforward, single-screen control of system from operator console.
  • real-time evaluation of flaws from B-scan images.
  • off-line analysis and processing of stored and archived data.
  • full documentation of test results for periodic monitoring of defect growth.
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