Efficient and reliable ultrasonic inspection of large, rotary-symmetrical forgings and castings, such as forged compressor and turbine disks employed in stationary gas turbines for electric power production.

Highly functional and rugged mechanics including a unique servo-driven part rotating platform which allows for chucking parts vertically and accessibility to all surfaces. A selection of special purpose design manipulators mounted on robotic arm can accommodate a high number of transducers allowing enhanced inspection coverage and shorter inspection time.

Specially designed transducers are supplied with the systems including: T-R probes with excellent near-surface resolution, high-sensitivity straight and angled longitudinal wave probes and shear wave probes with superior penetration and resolution.  The systems are completely integrated and include highly reliable low noise motion control, multi-channel ultrasonic instrumentation and sophisticated motion and data collection software.

The systems allow full-automated inspection of the part including set-ups, data acquisition, data analyzing and reporting.

Multiple data collection gates allow for real-time C-scan and B-scan imaging, and a toggle-selected A-scan signal.

The software provides features such as automatic “Stop on Defect”, statistical evaluation of C-scan images, custom-tailored inspection reports, true B-scans and more.

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