RoboScan L Measureing

RoboScan L is designed for the quality control needs of small to large sized circular symmetrical parts like passenger car and truck shafts.

RoboScan L provides fast and flexible measurements with high repeatability for horizontally oriented parts up to 2500 mm long.

  • Operator friendly user interface with two different software options
  • Free access for part clamping allows ergonomic working position
  • Fast measurement cycles even for inline measurements


  • The robot is located inside the safety enclosure which houses the entire measurement movement system. The safety cabinet has safety light curtains and an emergency stop system. The electric cabinet is integrated to enclosure.


  • ABB Industrial Robot
  • ABB Robot Controller
  • ABB Teach Pendant

Measurement programming software

  • The measurement programming software takes care of running the robot when programs are created. Creating measurement programs is made easy. The measurement programming software is connected with our ViewScan measurement data analyzing program. The measurement programming software depends on the part to be measured. As standard, there are two options:
    • Stresstech Teaching App: suitable for vertically oriented parts like hypoid gears, bearings.
    • HTML-based human-machine interface: Suitable for shafts e.g. for measuring camshafts lobes and crankshaft journals.
  • Three (3) ready made measurement programs are included with the standard system. More programs can be purchased as options.
RoboScan L left

Part indexing

  • Laser indexing/Infrared camera indexing for sample orientation definition.

Shaft bed

  • The system has a movable sample bed on the guide rail to support the shaft, while preparing for the measurement. The distance between the supports is adjustable. The bed is equipped with easily exchangeable support V-blocks.


  • Touch screen with integrated control panel including following buttons:
    • Emergency Stop push button
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Acknowledge/reset safety
    • System initialization
    • Interrupt measuring
    • Step-by-step mode
    • 3 empty spots for e.g. “Robot home position” option

Horizontal rotation unit with manual chuck

  • RoboScan L is equipped with an ABB MU-200 motor unit, which rotates the sample. The stand is equipped with a 3-jaw chuck with optional exchangeable custom jaws. Chuck can be replaced with drive head.
RoboScan L robot


  • The tailstock clamps the part to be measured between the centers automatically when the safety enclosure doors are closed and a measurement has begun. The whole tailstock is moved automatically on the linear guide for adjusting to samples of different lengths.

Keyboard and monitor mount

  • Ergonomic keyboard and monitor mount which position can be adjusted for each operator.

Signal light tower

Factory acceptance test

Documentation in English

RoboScan L shaft lens


  • Rollscan 320

Data analyzing software

  • ViewScan data analyzing software with automation support module (English)

Industrial PC and monitor

Sensor and sensor fixture for each sensor:

  • Manual
  • Automated (Automated sensors require storage rack. See Options section for storage racks.)

Barkhausen noise sensors are available in many different types, shapes, and sizes. Sensors are completely customizable to suit any operation. All sensors require sensor fixture, in-built or fixable.

For RoboScan, there are manual and automated sensor fixtures available depending on sensor type and automation level of the system. Sensor fixtures have proximity switches for crash detection. The crash detection switch is activated if the sensor’s inward linear movement is too large. One fixture, depending on the solution, can be equipped up to 2 sensors for multichannel measurements.

Advanced design in sensor fixtures guarantees steady contact between the sensor and the part to be measured. Measurement contact is one of the most critical factors when performing Barkhausen noise measurement.

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