The LS-500 immersion ultrasonic inspection systems utilize modular design allowing for sizing of the tank and scanner to fit the application. These fully integrated systems, include scanning mechanics, motion control, ultrasonic electronics, and data acquisition & processing software.

The modularity allows the user to decide select from a range of turntables, whether to include a motorized manipulator, or whether to include an optional drop in bar rotator, resulting in greater price flexibility. The scanning mechanics have exceptional resolution and repeatability on all the linear and optional angular axes.
The ultrasonic electronics provide excellent near- surface flaw resolution, exceptional penetration power, and have a high immunity against electromagnetic noise. Multiple channel and multiple gates allow for real time C-scan and B-scan imaging.
The extensive real time and post-scan data processing software includes utilities for analysis, measurement, signal to noise evaluation and advanced flaw evaluation. Standard and Customized report generation includes inspection setup and results. Modular systems include LS-500-1000 (1000mm in length), LS-500-1500 (1500mm in length), LS-500-2000 (2000mm in length). Applications include disks, bars, billets.

Casp System Dofinansowanie
Introduction of B2B class system that automates business processes taking place between CASP system and its business Partners. The project is co-financed by European Union with funds of European Regional Development Fund.
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