Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

The improved Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Module in VGStudio MAX 3.0 allows you to find defects in castings without having to use a saw and a microscope. As a result, the module can replace traditional destructive and time-consuming defect analysis procedures based on micrograph imaging.

The module follows the rules P 202 and P 201 for examining the porosity of castings made of non-ferrous metals set by the VDG (German Association of Foundry Specialists) and has been officially approved by Volkswagen AG. Find the respective approval here.


  • supports defect analysis in line with the VDG rule P 202 (VW 50093), in addition to P 201 (VW 50097);
  • eliminates the need for the time-consuming production of micrograph sections and the preparation of samples in many cases;
  • quantifies the surface size of defects in CT slice images automatically; and
  • supports templates to rapidly and repeatedly analyze all parts without manual intervention.
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