Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

Locate pores, holes, and inclusions within castings and moldings and get detailed information about these defects with the improved Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Module in VGStudio MAX 3.0.

The Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Module comes with several different algorithms and modes which allow you to set dedicated parameters to specifically look for pores or imperfections with high contrast (air pockets) or rather low contrast (loose material). You can look for either enclosed defects only or additionally also for open defects that have cut through the surface.


  • use the module to automatically detect, analyze, and visualize pores, holes, and inclusions
  • calculate various parameters for each defect (defect position, defect compactness, defect size and geometry, gap to closest other defect, distance of each defect to a reference surface)
  • calculate the overall percentage of porosity and see it in a defect volume histogram
  • export analysis results and import simulation results from, e. g., MAGMASOFT ®
  • use the VGDefX defect detection algorithm for an optimized calculation of defects based on different criteria
  • find and calculate cut faces and apply tolerances to them in pre-machining tests (CAD file of the part required). See which pores will be inside or outside the machined part and how they would be cut during machining
  • combined analyses: E. g., perform a wall thickness analysis before a porosity/inclusion analysis. A defect will then not only be classified according to size, but also reclassified according to its size in relation to the local wall thickness
  • find defects of different shapes with the filter function
  • visualize your results in scatterplots
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