CamScan 300

CamScan 300 is a semi-automated grinding burn and heat treatment defect detection system. It is designed for quality control needs of small to medium sized circular symmetrical parts like passenger car shafts.

  • User friendly turn key system for Barkhausen noise inspection method
  • CamScan 300 sensor arm is self-aligned which minimizes measurement result variation between different operators
  • Can be placed next to production line for sample test and optimizing machining parameters or in testing laboratory for material study


Electric cabinet

Control panel with

  • light indicators for power, rotation, standby and emergency state
  • automated/manual measurement mode switch
  • trigger mode switch with three triggering options
  • trigger buzzer on/off switch
  • rotation start and stop buttons
  • rotation speed adjuster
  • emergency stop push button

Light indicator for trigger

Rotation unit

Drive center for rotation

Tailstock with gas spring center

Self-aligning sensor arm

3 comb plates for sensor positioning



  • Area to be measured defines size and shape of the Barkhausen noise sensor. One system can be equipped with several different kind of cam sensors. Read more about our sensors: Barkhausen noise sensors
CamScan 300 measuring
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