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Barkhausen noise sensors are available in many different types, shapes and sizes, in contact or non-contact types, and are completely customizable to suit any operation.


The Barkhausen noise method is versatile and reliable for quality control inspection of many different types of parts.
  • Configurable in any size and shape
  • Contact or non-contact
  • Testing through non-magnetic coatings
  • Static tests or dynamic scanning
  • Static, dynamic, manual, or automated inspection
  • Spot surveys up to 100% surface inspection
  • Parts as small as semiconductor lead frames up to rolling mill rolls and beyond
Available Barkhausen noise sensor types are:
  • Camshaft Sensor
  • Pick-up Sensor
  • Gear Sensor
  • OD Sensor
  • Flat Sensor
  • General Purpose Sensor
  • ID Sensor
  • Crankshaft Sensor
  • Special Sensor
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