Y.CT Tire

Y.CT Tire – The CT system for tire design.

The computed tomography system Y.CT Tire provides detailed views into a tire’s inner structures. Computed tomography is the only technology that delivers a true-to-life, 3D depiction of tire and wheel as valuable information for research and development.

  • full-scale 3D information on tire elements
  • high-resolution images for R&D
  • wide variety of tire applications, even mounted on a wheel
  • tire constrain unit for inspection under real-life load-stress conditions

With the X-ray system Y.CT Tire, YXLON has brought modern computed tomography to the tire industry, too. Specially developed for this application, the system provides three-dimensional views into a tire that had not been attained until now. Individual wires in the belt plies are easily identifiable and can be measured in terms of their thickness, position and spacing. In special applications a differentiation can even be made between individual rubber compounds.

Realistic load situations can be recreated using the tire constraint unit. The system displays tire distortion and the inner structure thereby. This constitutes a significant advantage for research and development.

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