UV Videoscopes

EFER manufactures a specific range of products designed to detect defects occurring on mechanical components subjected to dye penetration test product applications followed by endoscopic observation under UV light.

Endoflasher and Argus 800 UV

There are special videoendoscopes from 800  series available, meant for UV light inspection.

Both multitask Endoflasher probe and TIVE 800 control unit along with ARGUS 800 probe do not have a buildt in LED light source (which is normally present in standard version of model 800 meant for daylight testing), instead, they are connected to UV VEGA light source. The above mentioned videoendoscopes have proper filters as well as video settings optimized for generation of UV image. Thanks to UV VEGA light sources, which generates both white and UV light, there is a possibility of testing in daylight as well, without the need for any additional equipment.

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