UV Boroscopes

EFER manufactures a specific range of products designed to detect defects occurring on mechanical components subjected to dye penetration test product applications followed by endoscopic observation under UV light

Ultra-violet lateral viewing borescopes

  • developed in partnership with Snecma (SAFRAN Group), initially for aeronautics engines FPI inspection, these EFER borescopes feature an optical system generating high resolution images and an illumination device transmitting high-power UV lighting. Both these characteristics, critical for engine FPI inspection, had previously never been coupled together in the various competing equipment found on the market. These EFER borescopes, which implement principles patented in over 15 countries, are manufactured by EFER under exclusive license from Snecma company.

Ultra-violet axial viewing borescopes

  • this classic ultra-violet borescope model is supplied standard in 4, 6 and 8 mm diameters and several working lengths. The axial viewing can be changed into lateral using mirror holder sleeves. A detachable light guide cable is proposed as optional.

UV light source

  • this light source implements a high-power 200W lamp supplying ultra-violet light centered on 365 nm wavelength. It is equiped with white light/UV light selection knob and mechanical knob for brightness adjustment

UV light guide cables

  • technology : liquid, quartz or plastic fibers light guide cables
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