MicroScan software

MicroScan software expands the limits of Barkhausen Noise technique for advanced material analysis. It provides a wide range of user definable measurement and analysis parameters, allowing the system to adjust to virtually any test condition.

MicroScan software for:
  • studying magnetic properties of the material
  • developing new NDT applications
  • evaluating stress and microstructure changes using several functions and parameters
  • optimizing measurement conditions for the analysis.
MicroScan provides the following analysis of data with freely adjustable analyzing frequency interval:
  • burst calculation
  • RMS (average, positive and negative)
  • peak value (average, positive and negative)
  • peak position (average, positive and negative)
  • FWHM (average, positive and negative)
  • amplitude spectrum
  • integral of the bursts
  • pulse height distribution.
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