MAGMAN mobile

High current generators MAGMAN series are designed to generating of magnetic field for magnetic particle testing according GOST 21105, EN 17638, EN ISO 9934, ASTM E 1444, ASTM E 709, ASTM A 275, ASME Code V., 7 etc. to testing of welds, iron castings, forgings, and wrought parts.

Switching of current by galvanic separated switch (optic). Outer switches can be switch in the handle of prod, footswitch or from stationary bench.

  • output voltage from 3,2 to 18,0 V; Constant Current Control
  • stepless current setting, TRMS digital measurement, for HW possibility of MagAmps value
  • manually switching or pulsating  1 sec. ON / 1 sec. OFF;
  • AC demagnetization as standard; „“ marked types with reversing HWDC demagnetization
  • fluent start of current approx. 150 ms (protection before electric stroke overloading)
  • continous control of current



Hand prods, switch in the handle, exchangeable fusible tips, footswitch, cables from 70 mm2 up to 150 mm2 cross section, UV lamps, gauges, Gauss/Tesla, UV and lux meters.


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