Elotest IS

The efficient system for the production line.

Assuring quality in the production line – identifying and – where needed – reliably removing parts with unacceptable deviations, defects, corrosion and wear during production. As a method of non-destructive materials inspection eddy current testing identifies material defects such as cracks
and other inhomogeneities in electrically conductive materials.

The ELOTEST IS has been optimized for use in production lines with a high throughput of continuous goods and component parts. It is extremely well suited for the automatic inspection and evaluation of mass-produced parts during production.

The ELOTEST IS evaluates the electrical conductivity and the magnetic properties of the material. Characteristics of structure and alloys as well as differences in stability and hardness or geometric deviations and defects are recorded.

The ELOTEST IS is very easy to operate. A clearly structured keypad with just nine keys ensures intuitive access to all functions and a quick understanding of the instrument’s operation. Pictographs and clear-text messages support the assignment of operating functions.


Casp System Dofinansowanie
Introduction of B2B class system that automates business processes taking place between CASP system and its business Partners. The project is co-financed by European Union with funds of European Regional Development Fund.
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