Draisine WPG D340

Railroad rails are subject to great stress: they are stressed by increasing traffic (load alternations), increasing axle loads and increasing speeds, especially in high-speed sections. Therefore rails must be tested very carefully based on their load profile. It is therefore the job of a modern eddycurrent test instrument to detect and evaluate defects such as headchecks, squats and other cracks, even in weld seams. The ROHMANN inspection trolley is made from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and is easily handled by just one operator. The trolley can be assembled and disassembled without tools within a matter of minutes. The trolley is versatile and may be equipped with a variety of eddy-current test instruments depending on the inspection at hand. The trolley is guided with a new and patented magnetic holder that enables an extremely smooth running and precise inspection of the entire rail head. The trolley is solely guided along the running edge by magnetic force (adjustable) and is completely suitable for switches. The probes have a ceramic protection against wear and tear and can be guided contactless or in a sliding fashion.


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