Automatic FPI

Penetrant lines for testing are designed for research carried on a large scale in the aerospace, automotive and in other industries. Systems manufactured by ATG are environmental friendly and equipped with fully automated closed circuit wash water.  ATG company is able to manufacture systems FPI according with the customer requirements. Customer references from all Europe confirm the high quality of the ATG devices. The FPI systems consists of prefabricated elements and therefore the final appearance of the system is variable.

  • Automatic FPI – all process is automated

All elements of the line and process cycle are fully automated. Right for high volume production.

  • Untypical installation 

According to customer requirements there is a possibility to construction untypical FPI systems.

Casp System Dofinansowanie
Introduction of B2B class system that automates business processes taking place between CASP system and its business Partners. The project is co-financed by European Union with funds of European Regional Development Fund.
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