Y.LDA line detectors

A perfect image requires the perfect detector. YXLON has been developing and producing its own Y.LDA line detectors for quite a while. All of our experience in X-ray image acquisition and analysis is incorporated into them.

  • optimized for the respective application
  • robust design
  • suited for energies up to several MeV

Y.LineScan detectors for computed tomography distinguish themselves through their high resolution and a large scope of contrast in a voltage sector ranging up to 11 MeV. This makes them particularly suitable for high-quality fan-beam CT (computed tomography) scans of thick-walled components.

Y.LDA line detectors are available in different variations for the widest variety of applications. The U-shaped Y.UScan detector is used in Y.MTIS tire inspection systems. The strengths exhibited by Y.UScan lie in its high speed and contrast resolution. Y.LineScan line detectors (LDA) with high speeds and great robustness are used in conveyor-belt systems.

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