Developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry, ScanMaster spot weld ultrasonic inspector has set new standards in the field, significantly reducing inspection time while delivering a quick return on investment.

Hundreds of ScanMaster spotweld inspection instruments are nowadays used by the car manufacturers, whose feedback is a valuable source for permanent improvement of equipment performance.

In light of ScanMaster’s experience and expertise in the field, concrete data on real-life savings, as well as calculation of return on investment can be made available upon request.

ScanMaster spotweld inspector highlights:

  • easy to use equipment with intuitive menus
  • virtually unlimited number of inspection set-ups to cover the whole variety of parts to be inspected
  • automatic GO/NO-GO decision making
  • automatic classification of spot weld, based on advanced algorithms developed for a good correlation with the results of tear-down testing
  • real time feedback to operator for probe normality and positioning
  • on-screen messages for operator guidance during testing
  • automatic generation of inspection reports, with the option of customization
  • built-in network connectivity
  • data management option for integration into factory host for statistical process analysis

Advantages and benefits of using ScanMaster spotweld inspector:

  • reduction of inspection time
  • manpower savings
  • prevention of inventory loss, as caused by destructive (chisel and hammer and tear-down) testing
  • prevention of potential manpower injuries induced by the methods above
  • near real time feedback to the production process
  • high reliability, smooth operation 7/24
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