Rollscan 320v1

Barkhausen noise signal analyzer Rollscan 320 is designed for automated surface quality control and testing of near-surface defects such as grinding burns, heat treatment defects, as well as changes in stress and microstructure in a wide variety of ferritic steel and other ferromagnetic materials.

Rollscan 320 is a compact unit with low power consumption. It is designed for deployment in automated systems and production environments.

  • A DIN rail mount attached to the backside of the unit
  • Can be placed in electric cabinet
  • 2 measurement channels, with 8 parallel analyzers up to 16 channels

Four functional led lights on the front panel:

  • Power on/off
  • Measurement on/off
  • LAN connection on/off
  • Error

Two measurement channels

Magnetizing frequencies ranges:

  • Sine wave 1–1000 Hz
  • Triangle wave 1–150 Hz

Analyzing filter ranges:

  • 70–200 kHz

Connector for auxiliary devices

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