High-resolution Y.FXE microfocus X-ray tubes

The FeinFocus X-ray tubes of the Y.FXE family consist of an open microfocus X-ray tube, a vacuum unit, a high-voltage generator and accompanying cables.

  • high-contrast and highly detailed images due to intelligent technology
  • high resolution at high power output
  • TXI technology for constant intensity and focus position
  • simple target and filament replacement

The family of FeinFocus FXE microfocus tubes consists of 3 high-performance models for non-destructive 2D and 3D material testing. Using the “High-Power Target”, transmission tube heads can inspect even weakly contrasting or strongly absorbent materials with assurance. Directional tube heads provide brilliance at simultaneously high power output and resolution. The advantages of the two technologies are combined in TwinHead microfocus tubes. Due to their modular construction design and wide variety of options, the 160 kV and 225 kV microfocus X-ray tubes are suitable for nearly every inspection task.

The open system design of the FeinFocus X-ray tubes guarantees easy maintenance and an almost unlimited lifespan. Unique TXI technology and automatic source calibration ensure long-term system stability thereby. Whether in radiography rooms or Feinfocus radiation-shielded cabinets, FXE stands at the heart of modern, productive inspection systems.


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