CamScan 500C

CamScan 500C is an automated grinding burn and heat treatment defect detection system. It is designed for quality control needs of small to medium sized circular symmetrical parts like passenger car shafts.

  • CamScan 500C system provides ease-of-use achieved with full automation but with the size, cost and simplicity of a manual gauge.
  • Programmable measurement positioning with EasyScan software
  • Two sensors can be connected at the same time. The measuring sensor can be changed with quick coupling without tools
  • Control panel with:
    • Lamp test button
    • Stop measurement button
    • Reset button
    • Control power off button
    • Door open light
    • Barkhausen noise sensor switch
  • Emergency stop
  • Tailstock with constant holding force
  • Sensor carrier with automated X and Z movements
  • Lasers for indexing to axial and rotation directions
  • Integrated cabinet for Rollscan and PC
  • Integrated electric cabinet with main switch
  • Signal light tower
  • Sliding doors with safety switch
  • Enabling switch for manual drive
  • Keyboard and monitor mount
  • Storage
  • EasyScan extension for ViewScan software

Barkhausen noise system requires analyzer:

  • Rollscan 250 / Rollscan 350 / Rollscan 320
  • Area to be measured defines size and shape of the Barkhausen noise sensor. One system can be equipped with two different kind of sensors which can be changed manually. Read more about our sensors: Barkhausen noise sensors
  • ViewScan data analyzing software
Easyscan software
Measurement downwards
CamScan 500C long
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