The most successful wheel inspection system in its class

Y.MU231 was developed for the inspection of as-cast lightweight wheels. Having a high system uptime, this system is ideal for the rough-and-tumble, mass-production environments prevailing at the foundry.

  • the most successful X-ray system in its class worldwide
  • high product throughput
  • high system uptime
  • intuitive operation

Y.MU231, a wheel inspection system based on X-rays, can be operated manually or in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. In manual operation the operator positions the wheels to be inspected via joystick and sets the inspection system’s X-ray parameters directly. In semi-automatic operation, wheel loading and unloading runs on an automated basis along with the inspection workflow. Every testing step during wheel inspection is confirmed by the operator with a decision: “OK” or “Reject”. Depending on the defined presetting, “Reject” either terminates the inspection or the item proceeds to the next inspection position.

The Y.MU231 wheel inspection system can inspect lightweight metal wheels fully automatically and according to stipulated customer specification with the help of Y.AI automatic defect recognition. In the fully automatic mode the wheel inspection system makes the inspection decision all by itself using the stipulated parameters, then feeds the inspected wheel on to further production processes in accordance with the inspection decision made.

Good accessibility due to large service openings increases the maintenance friendliness of this wheel inspection system. The compact, platform-based construction design supports fast and uncomplicated integration into existing production lines.

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