Rotor EC15

The high performance rotor in a high-strength anodised aluminium housing

The EC 15 compact rotor is a compact, high performance rotor for contactless in-line testing of circular materials, such as wires, bars and tubes in a range of dimensions from 1.5 to 15 mm.
The compact construction of the rotor means it can easily be built into test lanes or transport lines. It is only 139 mm long and 70 mm wide and has an average run-through height of 35 mm. Detection of longitudinal and transverse defects with longitudinal components upwards of 20 ? defect depth is possible with the appropriate surface and structural quality.
The test track width is defined via the task using appropriate probe systems.
A 24V motor provides the drive. With a speed pf 3,000rpm, the contamination-protected (labyrinth seal) rotor, mounted in precision bearings, operates efficiently with contactless, zero-maintenance test signal transmitters.

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