Compatible with ARGUS 800 probes allowing integral remote operation of their tip articulation and video functions, the TIVE 800 unit is
dedicated to image visualization and “PC compatible” video recording on USB kkey

Loaded with the 3DSIZER option and associated to ARGUS 800 probes fitted with distal stereo tips, the TIVE 800 unit enables high precision,
three-dimensional in situ measurements.

6.4 inch VGA screen

  • real-time JPEG and MPEG 4 audio-video recording on USB key
  • integrated battery or external AC powering
  • integrated battery charge level indicator
  • 10-button keypad for access to TIVE 800 processing functions and
  • remote operation of ARGUS 800 tip articulation and video functions
  • molded reinforced polycarbonate body
  • universal thread mount
  • intuitive operation through keypad and on-screen help
  • “double-click” access to programmed functions by MENU key
  • waterproof probe connector
  • waterproof fast-charger or external AC powering connector
  • connections base protected by flexible waterproof cover for USB key audio headset and auxiliary VGA output
  • 3DSIZER function for three-dimensional stereo measurement
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