Our Teletest ‘LATCH and FIRE’ Mini-Tools inspect small pipelines ranging from 38.1 to 127 millimeters (1.5 to 6 inches), superseding heavy fixed tools. This represents a step change in efficiency when compared with cumbersome “solid transducer ring” tools. The radical design combines the latest lightweight engineering materials and latch design to provide a tool that is light, easy to use, and only requires 42-millimeter (1.7-inch) clearance between pipes.

The use of the latest CAD design software allows improved coupling between the transducers and the pipe, maximizing the amplitude of the signal. In addition, the transducers are now retractable, thereby extending their lifetime.

Benefits of ‘LATCH and FIRE’ Mini-Tools over conventional fixed tool designs include:

  • Lightweight design (75% weight reduction)
  • Only 42mm (1.7in) clearance required between pipes
  • 90% reduction in tool setup time
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