MFL Probes

MFL probes use a powerful magnet to magnetize the conductive material under test and magnetic sensors can detect the leakage field. Eddyfi’s MFL probes are designed to inspect the aluminum-finned carbon steel tubes of fin-fan coolers. The coil configuration of the probes enables reliably detecting internal and external defects such as corrosion, erosion, pitting, and circumferential cracking. The probe cable is made of a strong, highly kink-resistant nylon material and the entire probe body is covered with a stainless steel sleeve for superior durability. The probes are also equipped with replaceable wear guides that further increase durability and offer smoother gliding during inspection. The absolute coils of our probes do not require an adapter box to maintain their signal quality.

Note that the large-diameter models of probes are equipped with wheeled centering devices instead of the wear guides used on smaller models.


  • optimized for internal and external defect detection
  • capable of detecting circumferential cracks
  • no ABS drift adapter box necessary
  • uncompromising durability
  • optimal saturation level
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