ECT Bobbin

Eddy current testing (ECT) is the best way of inspecting tubing made of non-ferrous materials such as austenitic stainless steel, brass, Inconel™, titanium, and copper, for example.

ECT probes can detect and enable you to size defects affecting tubing such as steam erosion, baffle cuts, pitting, and cracking. Eddy currents are also sensitive to defects under support plates in shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Eddyfi’s ECT bobbin probes, with their light polymer bodies and stainless steel, wear-resistant guides are easier to use and longer lasting than their closest competitors. The cables also use a strong, highly kink-resistant nylon, which is ideal for manual push-pull operations.


  • highest quality-to-price ratio on the market
  • very resistant to wear
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