The Most Advanced Eddy Current Data Acquisition and Analysis Software 

In today’s NDT world, Magnifi is simply the most comprehensive, stable, and reliable multi-technology acquisition and analysis software for surface and tube inspections.

Benefit 1 — Versatility

Magnifi is compatible with the most inspection technologies, the most instruments, and the most file formats. With such a tool at your fingertips, there’s almost no need to switch back and forth between several software anymore.

Benefit 2 — Guided Setup

The Magnifi setup wizard removes the need for high-level knowledge about NDT for a thorough and perfect setup. The setup wizard pilots you through all the necessary steps to achieve the best setup in the least amount of time.

Benefit 3 — Seeing Is Believing

C-scan imaging allows personnel without extensive Eddy Current Testing (ECT) data analysis experience to view data from the probe and be confident about the inspection results.

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