The new EloWheel 1000 allows the inspection of wheels up to 1000mm diameter and a maximum weight of 250kg. The welded steel frame provides excellent stability thus allowing to inspect even the heaviest wheels without limitations. The user friendly GUI of the system in combination with the EloWheel visualization and evaluation software offer highest flexibility for sample inspection and repeated batch inspection. The EloWheel Software acquires, visualizes and stores eddy current signals and allows the operator to easily view and analyze the captured data. A search routine facilitates look up and comparison of historical and actual data. Smaller wheels can be inspected with speeds up to 120 RPM. Larger wheels may be inspected at slower speeds, nevertheless cycle times below 1.5 minutes for large wheels are possible. The EloWheel 1000 will fulfill the toughest Customer requirements in throughput and sensitivity. Precise linear slides in combination with high end motor control electronics provide a low vibration probe movement. High frequency surface crack detection and low frequency back wall detection are combined in a dual coil probe. An optional semi-automatic bolt hole inspection can be done by the operator for each bolt hole. The scan data will automatically be integrated into a combined protocol. Operator comments and notes can be inserted into the protocol providing an extensive record for the inspected wheel.

System components 

– Test stand with turn table and pneumatic wheel centering device
– Combined HF/LF probe
– Optional rotor with interchangeable rotating probes
– ELOTEST PL320 eddy current test instrument
– System PC featuring Windows XP operating system
– Optional printer for the test logs
– Optional light protective grid

General technical data 

Ambient temperature: 10 – 40°C (49.99° – 104° F)
Rel. humidity: 5 – 80%
Required space: ca. 1200 x 1900 x 2500mm (B x T x H)
resp. 1400 x 2300 x 2500mm
Electr. connection: 230 V/ 2 kVA, 110 V/ 2 KVA
Compressed air: min. 6 bar, 1/4”, cleaned, dr

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